• Adult education in Italy is centered around cultural enrichment, requalification and professional mobility. Different providers offer activities in communities, which can be of formal or non-formal nature. Participation in adult learning is at 8%, which is below the EU average and connected to the large number of low qualified adults in Italy.


Italy country reports

Italy 2023

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  • No political will to invest in adult education in Italy

    Adult learning and education (ALE) in Italy needs more funding and more attention by national policy makers. Arcipelago APS, member of EAEA, plans to work on a wide range of ambitious projects, tackling digital and citizenship skills and transversal competences, among other issues.

    Italian policy-makers do not consider ALE a priority. There have been no significant changes in ALE policies in Italy during 2022/2023: the continuous lack of funding, especially for adults not in employment, remains one of the most pressing issues.

    Funding sources for adult learning and education in Italy:

    • Programme funding
    • Individual learning accounts

    Little space for civil society and learners to shape decisions on education

    Learners and civil society organizations in Italy face challenges in expressing their views to policy-makers, indicating a need for increased opportunities for participation. Despite these obstacles, Arcipelago APS has successfully engaged in public consultations at the national level, focusing on financial competence, transversal skills for adults, digital skills, citizenship skills, and more.

    Regarding European and international developments, the organization plans several activities in the context of the European Year of Skills, targeting specific groups such as women, socio-economically disadvantaged Ukrainians, immigrants, and youth. Civil society in Italy, including Arcipelago APS, is involved in the implementation process of the CONFINTEA VII Marrakech Framework for Action, with plans for increased engagement.

    Key recommendations to improve adult learning and education

    EAEA's member makes the following recommendations to improve the current situation in Italy:

    • At the national and local level, allocate more funds for the training of adults, particularly for disadvantaged groups, and offer targeted training on both life and transversal competences and vocational skills.
    • At the EU level, better target the beneficiaries of EU policies and programmes, while promoting the importance of adult education for social cohesion, active citizenship and employment.

Italy 2022

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Italy 2021

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Italy 2020

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Best practises in Italy

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General situation of adult education
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Funding situation of adult education
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Participation in adult education

% of persons aged 25-64
9.9% participation rate last 4 weeks (European Labour Force Survey 2021)
41.5% participation rate last 12 months (European Adult Education Survey 2016)