• Adult education in Italy is centered around cultural enrichment, requalification and professional mobility. Different providers offer activities in communities, which can be of formal or non-formal nature. Participation in adult learning is at 8%, which is below the EU average and connected to the large number of low qualified adults in Italy.


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  • Overview: adult education in Italy

    The 2019 Anti-Poverty Strategy is currently the most relevant adult education policy in Italy, providing training schemes for the unemployed and fostering social inclusion. The participation in adult education has improved over last decade and in...

Best practises in Italy

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General situation of adult education
happy face has slightly improved in 2022
Funding situation of adult education
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Participation in adult education

% of persons aged 25-64
9.9% participation rate last 4 weeks (European Labour Force Survey 2021)
41.5% participation rate last 12 months (European Adult Education Survey 2016)