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  • Developments: Preparing for the future changes to the economy

    2019-2020 has seen a number of policy developments in adult education in the UK. In England, the government has committed to the creation of a National Skills Fund and a National Retraining Scheme, which will aim to prepare workers for future chan...

  • Challenges: Corona takes a toll

    The response to the corona pandemic was the most immediate challenge in England and Wales over the last year. Adult education providers will need to continue to develop blended options for online learning, as the restrictions will continue in 2021...


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  • Overview: adult education in the United Kingdom

    Adult Education in the United Kingdom takes a range of different forms across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. In England some of the main objectives for adult learning and education provision are to

    • raise achievement in...

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General situation of adult education
neutral face has stayed the same in 2021
Funding situation of adult education
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Participation in adult education

% of persons aged 25-64
14.8% participation rate last 4 weeks (European Labour Force Survey 2019)
52.1% participation rate last 12 months (European Adult Education Survey 2016)