• The major focus of adult education in Armenia continues to be the provision of vocational education and training. Non-formal adult education is not mentioned in recent policy documents and continues to receive little attention from the Armenian government. Funding is one of the key challenges in Armenia, as well as access to education for older adults, migrants and other disadvantaged groups. EAEA’s member, the Armenian Lifelong Learning League continues to advocate for the importance of lifelong learning, social inclusion and active citizenship in Armenia.

Armenia country reports

Armenia 2020

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  • Developments: Deterioration in funding of adult education

    The situation of adult education has slightly improved in Armenia during the last year. Some of the small changes include that many more adults got involved in startups and innovation related projects. The funding situation has dramatically deteri...

  • Challenges: New adult education law on the way

    The adult education sector and the Armenian Lifelong learning League were significantly affected by the pandemic, as the majority of contracts were terminated. One of the challenges for the upcoming year will be raising public awareness of the COV...


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  • Overview: adult education in Armenia

    Adult education policy in the Republic of Armenia is centred on the Strategy of Supplementary and Continuous Education (2013-2017) and the Strategy for Economic Growth (2017-2022). The major focus has been the provision of vocational education and...

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General situation of adult education
happy face has slightly improved in 2020