• In Montenegro adult education is based on the strategic law on adult education and centers, but focuses on vocational education and training. Complementing the training sector with non-formal education, some civil society organisations provide learning opportunities from ICT to entrepreneurship skills to foster the holistic education for adults.

Montenegro country reports

Montenegro 2021

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Montenegro 2020

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  • Montenegro introduction

    New policies in Montenegro enable organisations to plan innovative adult education initiatives. Indeed, there have been significant changes which enabled several actors to play a central role in strengthening VET training and other practices. None...

  • Recent developments in Montenegro

    This year Montenegro’s government adopted a new Adult Education Plan for 2019/2022 period, which is based on the guidelines, recommendations and resolutions of the EU council. In the new plan, adult education becomes integrated in the national dat...

  • Links to EU and international policy in Montenegro

    Concerning the implementation of SDGs, the Montenegrin state provided a new VET Strategy, which needs to be promoted and strengthened considerably, along with the AE Strategy and the Sustainable Development Strategy. To implement these strategies...

  • Challenges and recommendations in Montenegro

    Since 2016, the system for adult education has been financially supported by Erasmus+ projects (EPALE and Adult Learning Agenda), no significant changes have taken place recently on the national level – the national budget still does not allocate...

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General situation of adult education
neutral face has stayed the same in 2021
Funding situation of adult education
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Participation in adult education

% of persons aged 25-64
2.5% participation rate last 4 weeks (European Labour Force Survey 2019)