• Adult education in Belarus continues to have a strong focus on vocational education and training. Strengthening the role of non-formal adult education would be an important step to address the prevalent skill gap and support the older generations digital skills and citizenship training. The International Public Association (IPA) “Education without Borders” strengthens non-formal learning and has implemented projects in rural areas, fostering social and civic competences, working towards the decade of action for sustainable development.

Belarus country reports

Belarus 2021

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  • Developments: Organisations cease their operations due to political pressure

    EAEA’s member from Belarus, The Association of Life-Long Learning and Enlightenment (ALLLE) describes that the adult learning and education situation in Belarus has dramatically deteriorated in 2020/2021. Following mass protests and demonstrations...

  • Challenges: Significant changes in funding

    Adult learning and education in Belarus are generally financed by projects funds and participant fees. Due to political instability and the changed priorities of the government, the funding scene has been altered significantly. Adult learning and...

Belarus 2020

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  • Belarus introduction

    Adult education providers in Belarus noted that there were very few changes, positive or negative in the past year for the sector. However, they did provide an analysis of what the most important next steps were for addressing the gaps in the pres...

  • Recent developments in Belarus

    In 2018/2019 there have been no major changes in the field of adult education in Belarus, according to our EAEA member. The main challenges are related to the accessibility of educational programmes for adults living in remote regions and r...
  • Links to EU and international policy in Belarus

    As Belarus is not an EU member they are not explicitly implementing EU policy into their adult education structures. However, our members do note the intention to begin to focus on climate change education for young people, which directly relates...

  • Challenges and recommendations in Belarus

    Our EAEA member in Belarus hopes that their governing bodies will increase the responsibility of local authorities in adult education. While this will not necessarily increase funding there they hope that it will encourage local authorities to pro...

EAEA members view

General situation of adult education
sad face has significantly deteriorated in 2021
Funding situation of adult education
coin pile with arrow pointing slightly down has slightly deteriorated in 2021