• In Cyprus around half of the adult population participates in non-formal learning activities throughout the year. The Cypriot life-long-learning strategy sets ambitious goals that aim at recognising non-formal and informal learning, improving counselling and supporting the unemployed and promoting digital skills.

Cyprus country reports

Cyprus 2023

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  • Cyprus has worked hard to develop adult education

    Positive developments in adult education are creating an enabling environment for adult education in Cyprus. The recent introduction of a solid Lifelong Learning (LLL) Strategy is considered a significant leap forward.

    Policy-makers in Cyprus have shown a positive attitude towards adult education, with a majority agreeing that ALE is essential. The newly implemented Lifelong Learning Strategy is now recognised as a good practice within the European Union, showcasing Cyprus's commitment to advancing adult education. EAEA and its Cypriot member CARDET have been instrumental to this success, supporting policy-makers in the design of the strategy. The overall situation has improved.

    Funding sources for adult learning and education in Cyprus are:

    • Project funding
    • Operating grants/structural funding
    • Fees paid by individuals
    • Contribution paid by employers
    • Programme funding
    • Paid Training Leave 

    A vibrant civil society that is open to European opportunities

    CARDET, a leading organisation in Cyprus in the adult education sector, has participated in over 100 initiatives, including campaigns on gender equality, green transition, digital skills, and inclusion. It reports that policy-makers are attentive to the views of civil society organisations.

    The European dimension is well-integrated into Cyprus's ALE landscape. The country is aware of Erasmus+ mobility opportunities, with organisations generally having the capacity to apply for funding. Awareness of the European Year of Skills is present, and several activities related to the theme of adult learning and the green transition have been planned or conducted. Cyprus is actively participating in EU-funded projects focusing on green and digital transitions.

    Key recommendations to improve adult learning and education are:

    • Leverage the private sector’s resources to finance more training initiatives.
    • Establish and reinforce mechanisms for quality assurance
    • Foster collaboration between stakeholders from different sectors.

Cyprus 2020

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EAEA members view

General situation of adult education
happy face has slightly improved in 2023
Funding situation of adult education
coin pile with arrow pointing right has stayed the same in 2023

Participation in adult education

% of persons aged 25-64
5.9% participation rate last 4 weeks (European Labour Force Survey 2019)
48.1% participation rate last 12 months (European Adult Education Survey 2016)