• Bulgaria continues to implement its Life Long Learning Strategy and delivering trainings at local adult education centers, while they remain at the end of the European spectrum in terms of participation in adult learning. Digital skills and the inclusion of minority groups are two of the challenges that Bulgaria faces.

Bulgaria country reports

Bulgaria 2023

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  • Adult learning low on the political agenda in Bulgaria

    Affirmative measures are needed to ensure equal participation in adult learning. Supporting women from rural areas will be a key activity of EAEA member Bulgarian Platform EWL.

    Civil society takes initiative to implement adult learning programmes

    Adult learning remains low on the policy agenda in Bulgaria: according to the EAEA’s Bulgarian member, it is not considered important by policymakers either for the labour market or social cohesion. While there is EU, national and private funding available, most people cannot afford to participate in adult learning and education.

    Funding sources for ALE

    • Vouchers
    • Paid training leave

    As adult learning is not the priority of the government, when and if it is organised, it is mainly in the framework of projects run by civil society organisations. EAEA’s member Bulgarian Platform EWL is currently developing initiatives that aim to support participation in adult learning of rural women. At the same time, civil society is not consulted in policy-making processes.

    Key recommendations to improve adult learning and education

    • Allocate budget at the local level for ALE
    • ALE should be elaborated and implemented in cooperation between public institutions, civil society organisations and private companies
    • More inclusive and affirmative measures are needed, starting from the European level

Bulgaria 2022

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Bulgaria 2021

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Bulgaria 2020

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EAEA members view

General situation of adult education
neutral face has stayed the same in 2023
Funding situation of adult education
coin pile with arrow pointing right has stayed the same in 2023

Participation in adult education

% of persons aged 25-64
1.8% participation rate last 4 weeks (European Labour Survey 2021)
24.6% participation rate last 12 months (European Adult Education Survey 2016)