• Bulgaria continues to implement its Life Long Learning Strategy and delivering trainings at local adult education centers, while they remain at the end of the European spectrum in terms of participation in adult learning. Digital skills and the inclusion of minority groups are two of the challenges that Bulgaria faces.

Bulgaria country reports

Bulgaria 2022

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  • Developments: adult education is not a special priority in Bulgaria

    According to the Bulgarian Association of Ergonomy and Human Factors (BAEHF), the situation of adult learning and education (ALE) has stayed the same in Bulgaria compared to previous years. There have not been any important changes or innovations in the sector. ALE is not a special priority in Bulgaria. 

    BAEHF states that the Bulgarian government should announce calls to fund the work of adult education organisations, training of teachers and the delivery of adult education courses. They would also like to make better use of the European adult education projects, which have produced many useful results but do not reach the citizens because the materials, courses and platforms produced are hard to find. This should be improved, for example, by developing a database where they can be found.  

    Country reports by the European Commission

    The Country Reports published by the European Commission reflect the Bulgarian situation to some extent. They get publicity, but there is no action plan to ensure sustainability. 

    Financing of adult education

    Adult learning and education are mainly financed through project funding in Bulgaria. The financial situation has stayed the same in comparison to last year. 


    BAEHF is currently developing a strategy to promote sustainability in its work procedures. Within their organisation, sustainability is promoted through capacity building and project applications. However, there still is potential for further implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in the Bulgarian adult education sector.


    Civil society in Bulgaria was not actively trying to get involved in CONFINTEA VII and the process leading up to the conference. Moreover, BAEHF states that the implementation of the Marrakech Framework for Action, which is the outcome document of CONFINTEA VII, would require a substantial increase in funding for ALE. 

    Future plans

    Ergonomic design, digitalization, industry 4.0, artificial intelligence and human life will be the focus areas of BAEHF’s work this year. 

Bulgaria 2021

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Bulgaria 2020

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General situation of adult education
neutral face has stayed the same in 2022
Funding situation of adult education
coin pile with arrow pointing right has stayed the same in 2022

Participation in adult education

% of persons aged 25-64
1.8% participation rate last 4 weeks (European Labour Survey 2021)
24.6% participation rate last 12 months (European Adult Education Survey 2016)