• In Georgia, the adult education sector seeks to promote the importance of Lifelong Learning in the process of combating poverty and increasing civil involvement and community development. Adult education organisations are advocating for the importance of continuous learning to elevate the position of education and learning in Georgia.  

Georgia country reports

Georgia 2021

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Georgia 2020

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  • Developments: The struggle for recognition of adult education

    Adult education in Georgia has undergone only slight changes in the last year. Although a reform in 2019 recognised learning outcomes achieved in non-formal education, certification remains a major obstacle to popularising adult learning and educa...

  • Challenges: More adult education centres for Georgia

    Many of the activities were transferred to online platforms and some of the centres were able to continue providing education, adapting to the government measures.

    In 2021 the focus of the GAEN will be to popularise and promote the recogni...


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  • Georgia introduction

    The development of the education sector is an interesting issue in the light of shifting social and economic tendencies in Georgia, and lifelong learning is considered to play a crucial role in how the country is going to progress. Adult education...

  • Recent developments in Georgia

    Development of a system of adult education as an integral part of lifelong learning has been identified as one of the key priorities of Georgia’s education policy. Continuous education for adults has been discussed in the context of social and eco...

  • Links to EU and international policy in Georgia

    The general line of education development in Georgia is in parallel with the goal 4 of the Sustainable Development Goals. The regulations are stated in Georgia 2020 strategy and Unified Strategy on Education and Science 2017-2021. The emphasis is...

  • Challenges and recommendations in Georgia

    The biggest challenges faced by the adult education sector in Georgia at the moment is the lack of awareness amongst the general public and administrative bodies on the importance of continuing formal and non-formal education as an adult.

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General situation of adult education
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