• The adult education sector in Moldova focuses mostly on skills for employability and there is a low participation in adult learning. This is partly because of high unemployment rates, a lack of consistency in the legal framework for education and few non-formal learning opportunities. Civil society groups in Moldova continue to promote literacy, digital skills, civic education and professional competences.

Moldova country reports

Moldova 2022

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Moldova 2021

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Moldova 2020

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  • Developments: New Adult Education Strategy was Launched

    The situation of adult education has slightly improved in Moldova. In 2019 Moldova developed a new strategy for adult education. The COVID-19 situation furthered the importance of the reform, as the government launched a range of online opportunit...

  • Challenges: Lack of digital skills and funding

    The COVID-19 pandemic significantly affected the adult education sector in Moldova. The crisis further showcased the lack of adequate policy in adult education and insufficient funding of the sector. During the pandemic, many programs were moved t...


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General situation of adult education
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Funding situation of adult education
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