Czech Republic

  • Participation in adult education in Czech Republic was at 8% in 2019, compared to the 11% as the European average. The majority of non-formal education is job oriented and only few organisations focus on the provision of life skills. Czech republic is moving towards the further recognition and validation of non-formal learning, as they continue on their ambition to enhance the involvement of civil society actors in the field.

Czech Republic country reports

Czech Republic 2021

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  • Developments: New strategy for education

    The strategy of the Educational Policy of the Czech Republic until 2030+ is a key document for the development of the educational system in the current decade. The new strategy was approved by the Government of the Czech Republic in Oct...
  • Challenges: More attention needed to adult education

    According to EAEA’s member, Association of Experts in Andragogy, civil society is rarely consulted for its involvement in the design and implementation of ALE policies in the Czech Republic. One of the current challenges our respondents observed w...


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  • Overview: adult education in Czech Republic

    In Czech Republic the cornerstones of adult education are the 2015 Strategy for Lifelong Learning and the 2019 - 2023 Strategy for Education and Development. Additionally, the country issued a Strategy for Digital Literacy and the Development of t...

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General situation of adult education
frowning face has slightly deteriorated in 2021
Funding situation of adult education
coin pile with arrow pointing slightly down has slightly deteriorated in 2021

Participation in adult education

% of persons aged 25-64
8.1% participation rate last 4 weeks (European Labour Force Survey 2019)
46.1% participation rate last 12 months (European Adult Education Survey 2016)