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Ukraine 2021

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  • Developments: Lack of legal framework hinders the progress on ALE

    Ukrainian Adult Education Association (UAEA) has described the ALE situation to have slightly improved in comparison to last year. According to UAEA, there are still many challenges in the field of adult learning and education. Most of them are related to the local authorities and legislation. But there are some achievements too. Surveys were conducted to gain knowledge on the educational needs of local citizens in several communities. There were also a few new publications in the field of adult education and development cooperation released by DVV International.

    On the governmental level, the law on adult education has been moved forward to the discussion at the Cabinet of Ministers. Lack of legal framework on ALE in Ukraine inhibits funding opportunities and recognition of non-formal and informal adult learning and education. According to UAEA, there haven’t been any other major changes in policies, strategies, and funding in ALE in the previous year.

    In 2020 Ukraine remarked on the negative consequences the pandemic had on the sector, especially for the adult education providers in converting to digital learning.

    UAEA is not involved within the CONFINTEA VII process.


    UAEA finds social and environmental sustainability important and would like to develop a plan to promote it within the organisation. UAEA is not aware of implementation of sustainable development goals in ALE sector in Ukraine.

    Looking forward

    As for 2022, UAEA will focus on advocacy of the implementation of adult education law, and development of the ALE programmes in regional communities. To increase participation and showcase opportunities in adult learning, a promotional advertising campaign will be launched in television and social media. UAEA’s recommendation to the Ukrainian policymakers is to increase competitiveness among adult education providers in Ukraine, so that they are motivated to invest in the quality of their projects and activities.

Ukraine 2020

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General situation of adult education
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Funding situation of adult education
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