• Adult education in Poland is divided into vocational education and continuing education centers. The majority of non-formal adult education is provided by private organisations in Poland, without any regulation or coordination. Improving the quality of education and the participation in adult learning are priorities in Poland, where the current participation in learning is below the European average.

Poland country reports

Poland 2020

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  • Developments: New skills strategy

    The situation of Adult Learning and Education in Poland has stayed the same over the last year. There have been some new policies and strategies. The Integrated Skills Strategy 2030 was approved by the council of Ministers in February 2019 and ope...

  • Challenges: Popularisation of adult education as an ongoing challenge

    The main challenge for the upcoming year is enhancing the popularity of adult education in smaller towns and villages, as it continues to be seen as an extension of school education. The Polish society still has a rather narrow picture of adult ed...


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  • Poland introduction

    Major progresses have been made in Polish adult education sector. In terms of financial support, there has been a recent increase, which allowed organisations to tackle several issues, and provide new opportunities for all, particularly in basic s...

  • Recent developments in Poland

    In Poland, the Ministry of National Education is currently addressing a “National Skills Strategy for Poland”. In February 2019, our member organisation took part in the OECD Strategy Assessment Workshop, this was a workshop designed for stakehold...

  • Links to EU and international policy Poland

    Although our member stated that, in Poland, the Upskilling Pathways initiative is not well implemented, it is assumed that in the project "CHANCE - New opportunities for adults" (2018-2021), there is practice of EU’s Upskilling Pathways. Its resul...

  • Challenges and recommendations in Poland

    For the future, the organisation is addressing its focus on improving education’s quality and efficiency, along with attempting to enhance adult education based training and knowledge. Additionally, our EAEA member advocates further development of...

EAEA members view

General situation of adult education
neutral face has stayed the same in 2020

Participation in adult education

% of persons aged 25-64
4.8% participation rate last 4 weeks (European Labour Force Survey 2019)
25.5% participation rate last 12 months (European Adult Education Survey 2016)