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  • Challenges and recommendations in Belgium (French speaking)

    In the field of literacy adult education, there are several challenges that need the attention of administrative bodies. First of all, offers of learning opportunities have been shortened due to the bureaucratic burden linked to the ongoing assess...

  • Ireland introduction

    While the macro policy framework for adult education in Ireland remains focused on education for employability, there have been important developments that may impact future policy and progress development in late 2019/2020.

  • Recent developments in Poland

    In Poland, the Ministry of National Education is currently addressing a “National Skills Strategy for Poland”. In February 2019, our member organisation took part in the OECD Strategy Assessment Workshop, this was a workshop designed for stakehold...

  • Challenges and recommendations in Switzerland

    SVEB hopes that the future of adult education does not reduce adult learning to employability and job market integration, and that the Swiss government does more to recognise the value of skills and learning opportunities that are not employment s...

  • Challenges: Loss of opportunity for international exchange and collaboration

    The UK no longer participates in Erasmus+. This means that there is a loss of opportunity for exchange and collaboration in adult learning and education, as there is no provision for this in the UK's replacement programme, the Turing Scheme.