• Adult Education in Liechtenstein can be divided into two parts. The non-formal sector offers courses that vary from social sciences to personal growth and the vocational sector focuses on the up and reskilling of adults for the labour market. A voucher system is contributing to making adult learning and education more accessible in Lichtenstein. 

Liechtenstein country reports

Liechtenstein 2022

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  • Developments: Focus on basic skills and digitalisation

    According to EAEA’s member in Liechtenstein, Stiftung Erwachsenenbildung (the foundation), the situation of adult education and learning (ALE) has stayed the same in comparison to last year. There are nine major adult education providers in Liechtenstein. 

    The Stiftung für Erwachsenenbildung participated in different consultations with various organisations past year, including the European Basic Skills Network (ESBN), the European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA) and the International Adult Education Association (ICAE). 

    Country reports of the European Commission

    According to EAEA’s member, the country reports of the European Commission reflect the adult education situation of ALE in Liechtenstein very well. Moreover, the adult education programmes and projects in Liechtenstein aim to address issues indicated in the country reports. 

    Financing adult education

    In Liechtenstein, adult education is mainly funded through project and programme funding, operating grants and vouchers. According to EAEA’s member, the funding situation of adult education in Liechtenstein has stayed the same in comparison to last year. 


    Civil society from Liechtenstein was involved in the preparatory process of the CONFINTEA conference. The foundation sees CONFINTEA as an important process from a civil society perspective and a concrete tool to develop adult education, but it is not sufficiently taken into account in national policymaking.


    The foundation would like to develop a strategy to promote sustainability at operational level and in their work procedures, but finds it difficult to start. Overall, there is still potential for further implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in the ALE sector in Liechtenstein.

    Current plans

    As national coordinator of the European Agenda for Adult Education, the foundation will facilitate an EU project to implement the agenda. Moreover, the foundation’s focus areas are lifelong learning, basic skills, and digitalisation. 

    Policy recommendation

    Stiftung Erwachsenenbildung would like the government of Liechtenstein to raise awareness of the importance of lifelong learning and provide the necessary financial resources for adult education.  

Liechtenstein 2020

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General situation of adult education
happy face has slightly improved in 2020