• Adult Education in Liechtenstein can be divided into two parts. The non-formal sector offers courses that vary from social sciences to personal growth and the vocational sector focuses on the up and reskilling of adults for the labour market. A voucher system is contributing to making adult learning and education more accessible in Lichtenstein. 

Liechtenstein country reports

Liechtenstein 2023

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  • Little political recognition for adult learning in Liechtenstein

    Liechtenstein has experienced some changes in ALE during 2022/2023, primarily driven by the digital transition. Despite these changes, the overall situation is reported to have slightly deteriorated in comparison to the previous years.

    According to EAEA's member Stiftung Erwachsenenbildung, policymakers in Liechtenstein don't consider adult education important. ALE policies don't sufficiently promote inclusion, respond to labour market needs or address societal challenges. However, there is a good level of education and permeable education system.

    Good involvement of civil society actors

    Liechtenstein stands out as a positive example in providing opportunities for learners and civil society organisations to express their views and concerns to policymakers. Civil society is actively incorporated into policy-making processes. Notably, civil society from Liechtenstein is involved in the implementation process of CONFINTEA VII. Furthermore, the sector had meetings with the ministry in charge of adult education as well as with the EU Commission to discuss the implementation of the New European Agenda for Adult Learning (NEAAL).

    ALE in Liechtenstein is financed through the following sources:

    • programme funding
    • operating grants/structural funding
    • vouchers

    While EAEA member disagrees with the sufficiency of EU funding, the funding from national/local public sources and private sources is adequate. According to Stiftung Erwachsenenbildung, most people can afford to participate in adult learning and education.

    The ALE organisations in Liechtenstein are aware of the Erasmus+ mobility opportunities and European developments in the field of education in general. However, their capacity to apply for Erasmus+ funding opportunities could be strengthened.

    The focus of ALE in Liechtenstein for the next year includes continuing the education voucher system, promoting education for all, bringing more people into adult education, promoting upskilling and digitalisation.

    EAEA's member recommends the policymakers in Liechtenstein improve the compatibility of family and career to encourage broader participation in ALE.

Liechtenstein 2022

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Liechtenstein 2020

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EAEA members view

General situation of adult education
frowning face has slightly deteriorated in 2023
Funding situation of adult education
coin pile with arrow pointing right has stayed the same in 2023