Belgium country reports > 2019

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  • Belgium (French speaking) introduction

    In the French-speaking part of Belgium the adult education sector is dedicating most of its efforts to several challenging areas, ranging from professional training to social inclusion issues. One of the themes on the agenda of local authorities a...

  • Recent developments in Belgium (French speaking)

    The question of literacy is one of the most important issues for the French-speaking Belgian community. In Belgium literacy for adults is fragmented and exists within the frameworks of a number of policies (social integration, education, labour, c...

  • Links to EU and international policy in Belgium (French speaking)

    With their literacy initiatives and advocacy work for clearer and more efficient literacy policies, Belgian EAEA member, Lire et écrire, supports the implementation of the Upskilling Pathways initiative. 

  • Challenges and recommendations in Belgium (French speaking)

    In the field of literacy adult education, there are several challenges that need the attention of administrative bodies. First of all, offers of learning opportunities have been shortened due to the bureaucratic burden linked to the ongoing assess...