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Taking learning out of classroom in Italy

The Street University is a national project that is aimed at the so called functional illiterate, people who, although they know how to read and write, are not able to contextualize a piece of news.

Aimed at people who had no educational opportunities

The project organises free training meetings in public places trying to involve all those who have not had educational opportunities.

Developing a culture of lifelong learning

The Street University intends to develop a culture of lifelong education, providing citizens the opportunity to experience the “pleasure of learning” and be part of a community. The initiatives include training sessions on conscious use of gadgets, financial education, consumer rights for conscious purchases, food and health education courses with guided lessons in yoga and gymnastics.

The project overturns a consolidated and standardised situation: it is not the users who look for the place where they can learn, but the operators identify spaces where to offer opportunities for knowledge and learning in a pleasant and simple way.
More information about the project can be found in EAEA's article on the Grundtvig Award winner from 2019.