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Challenges: Lack of a legal framework

One of the main challenges in adult learning and education in Slovenia is the legal framework. The Adult Education Act (adopted in January 2019) sets out legal bases to implement a public network for adult learning and education providers. Pushing for the implementation of the Act and the Adult Education Master Plan (2021-2030) will be challenges for the upcoming year. This includes negotiations about the European Social Fund and how priorities can be implemented in Slovenia’s Master Plan.

Improving the governance system

The focus of SAEA’s work in 2020/2021 will be the preparation and implementation of professional support programs to establish a public network for adult education. Furthermore, SAEA will focus on coordinating and managing activities for the discussion and adoption of the Master Plan.

One of the challenges in the mismatch between low skilled adults and the labor market opportunities. Another ongoing project is the publication of an online questionnaire that can be used for personalised competence/skill assessment. In the next year the organisation will continue to support, advise and coordinate adult education providers, employers and trade unions on the new outreach approaches, which are specifically targeted at vulnerable populations and distance education. Overall, SAEA will also advocate for the improvement of the governance system in adult education and contribute to an inter-ministerial integration strategy .