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How to use the country reports?

The country reports are an opportunity to compare the current situation of adult education in different countries. They also provide new insights and information for advocacy work.

The country reports are based on a survey sent to EAEA’s members, asking them about the state of adult education in their country. The views expressed are thus dependent upon our members’ contexts, outlooks and focus: many of our members are umbrella organisation for example, representing providers, others may engage in research or policy advocacy and some work on a local level as adult education providers. As such their survey responses can provide a very specific view, or experience, of adult education’s status and role in their area or country. 

We didn't receive replies for the 2019 survey from some countries (Italy, Latvia, Moldova, Russia, Serbia, UK) so those webpages have no information at the moment. 

Our members can use the survey as an opportunity to share their experience throughout their work in the field, as well as this they are able to consult providers and organisations within their networks to gather and reflect their views. Some country reports are based upon one member: this can mean that their report reflects the geographic reach of their work, dependent on the level on which they operate (as a national institution, NGO umbrella organisation, or as a regional or local provider for example), and the extent of consultation they conducted in order to formulate their response to the survey.