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  • Country reports 2021 published


    EAEA is proud to present the 2021 country reports, offering a civil society perspective on the state of adult learning and education (ALE) in Europe. This year, we have asked our members about sustainability, funding and the impact of COVID-19 on...

  • Adult education trends in 2020

    Although the situation of adult education is fundamentally dependent on the respective country, there are some trends that can be witnessed across Europe.
  • New edition of country reports 2020

    EAEA is proud to present the 2020 country reports and therewith offer a civil society perspective on the state of adult education in Europe.
  • EAEA country reports now published in digital format

    We are proud to present to you the sixth edition of our country reports - now in digital format.
  • How to use the country reports?

    The country reports are an opportunity to compare the current situation of adult education in different countries. They also provide new insights and information for advocacy work.
  • Adult education trends in 2019

    Based on the country reports, what are the current trends and policies of European adult education? In the 2019 country report survey, EAEA asked members to reply to questions about several European policies.