Slovenia country reports > 2019

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  • Slovenia introduction

    In recent years, the Slovenian government has adopted a number of policies that address adult education. While the new regulations and strategies set a supportive background, the policies still need to properly reflect the realities of target grou...

  • Recent developments in Slovenia

    In January 2018, the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia adopted the new Adult Education Act. The Act came as a substitution to the one from 1996 and brought some important changes to the field of adult education in Slovenia. The Act set...

  • Links to EU and international policy in Slovenia

    As stated by our member in Slovenia, all legislative documents which regulate the education system in Slovenia define and guarantee the quality of education for all on all levels, targeting the satisfaction of goal 4 of Sustainable Development Goa...

  • Challenges and recommendations in Slovenia

    The areas that need to be addressed by future policies are:

    • The involvement of the public network of providers in fostering the participation of vulnerable groups in learning activities, implementing new approaches and tools.