North Macedonia country reports > 2019

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  • The Republic of North Macedonia introduction

    In the past year, the financial stability of non-formal adult education providers in the Republic of North Macedonia has been shaken by budgetary cuts, which pose a threat to the quality, and quantity of learning opportunities. Nonetheless, adult...

  • Recent developments in the Republic of North Macedonia

    Recently, North Macedonia set up a national database of providers of non-formal adult education, established by the Public Institution of Adult Education Centre. This database is public, and available on the centre’s official website:

    Links to EU and international policy in the Republic of North Macedonia

    There are several legislations that regulate the implementation of goal 4 of Sustainable Development Goals: National Education Strategy; Adult Education Strategy; and Lifelong Learning Conception. However, our EAEA members are not currently implem...

  • Challenges and recommendations in the Republic of North Macedonia

    The adult education sector in North Macedonia is facing the challenges brought about by insufficient funding. Therefore, EAEA members in the country recommend that investment in adult education is increased through re-introducing funding by public...