France country reports > 2019

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  • France introduction

    Vocational training has been a focus point for the French government for several years now. The state continues to develop the field of VET with the aim to widen employment opportunities for the public. 

  • Recent developments in France

    In the beginning of 2019, a new governmental unit, France Compétences, responsible for the regulation and financing of vocational training and apprenticeship was established. The unit is in charge of the distribution of funds to different actors i...

  • Links to EU and international policy France

    France has been part of broader European policies for decades now. The French government joined several European initiatives, such as Europe 2020 and Education and Training 2020. Being part of the European regulations led France to improving its e...

  • Challenges and recommendations in France

    Due to the changes in the government, adult education providers and training centres will have to adapt to the new regulations. The new VET standards pose a bigger threat to smaller organisations whose audience and funding are already limited.