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Challenges and recommendations in Belgium (French speaking)

In the field of literacy adult education, there are several challenges that need the attention of administrative bodies. First of all, offers of learning opportunities have been shortened due to the bureaucratic burden linked to the ongoing assessment demands. Secondly, literacy education has been limited to increasing learners’ employability, leaving very little space for innovative pedagogy, furthermore this programme is unlikely to ensure language proficiency (including mathematics) and basic digital skills.

In addition, current labour and social policies are struggling to support the most vulnerable groups. 

There is a lack of data on literacy levels in Belgium which prevents reliable needs-assessments. EAEA member, Lire et écrire, is currently working on encouraging Belgian authorities and Eurostat to organise an appropriate survey in order to better implement adult education policies. 

At the same time, sophisticated digital literacy training is needed. The digitalisation of public services is already considerable in many fields (health, school, banking, etc.). As a result, thousands of people are in danger of being left behind due to inadequate digital skills, a violation of their fundamental rights.