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  • Challenges and recommendations in Ireland

    AONTAS, an EAEA member from Ireland, suggests that the government addresses the need to create a recognised and accepted system for measuring the outcomes of non-formal education, specifically community education in Ireland.

  • Links to EU and international policy in Portugal

    There are a number of policies and initiatives that are working in accordance with the overall European and international agenda for promoting adult learning. For instance, there is a national programme that focuses on high-level qualifications an...

  • Challenges: Risk for permanent setback in participation in adult learning

    The pandemic had an overwhelming impact on disadvantaged and vulnerable groups, manifesting in digital poverty and aggravating other persistent issues such as mental health and domestic violence. Throughout the period of March 2020 to March 2021,...

  • Adult learning is making an impact, but equitable access to learning requires stable funding

    According to EAEA’s Irish member AONTAS, there is a pressing need for more sustainable funding streams and improved staffing conditions in Ireland.

    The majority of Adult Learning and Education (ALE) provision in Ireland is carried ou...