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Developments: Lifelong learning remains focused on formal education

According to The Catalan Association for Education, Training and Research (ACEFIR) adult education situation has remained the same compared to the previous year. There have been no new policies or strategies in adult learning and education (ALE), and the funding situation remained unchanged. One positive development is that ALE organisations are being more connected to each other after a less-connected period.

In 2019, a reform was proposed for the establishment of new training centers for newcomers with low literacy rates and semi-attendance tuition. Since many migration education policies are the responsibility of the Ministry of Social Affairs, ACEFIR calls for a more holistic approach and involvement of other government departments, especially the Ministry of Education. ACEFIR stresses that lifelong learning remains overly focused on formal education.


ACEFIR finds social and environmental sustainability as a very important component of their activities and tries to adapt and be flexible for newly emerging strategies. In general, they see further potential for the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals in the ALE sector in Spain.

ACEFIR is involved in the CONFINTEA VII process. One of ACEFIR’s goals is to push the government to create a plural national working group to attend CONFINTEA VII.