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Challenges: Loss of opportunity for international exchange and collaboration

The UK no longer participates in Erasmus+. This means that there is a loss of opportunity for exchange and collaboration in adult learning and education, as there is no provision for this in the UK's replacement programme, the Turing Scheme.

In Wales, the Welsh government has announced its intention to develop an international exchange programme that will include adult education opportunities.

Looking forward

Learning and Work Institute's strategic plan 2021 - 24 sets out the following priority areas:

  • Lifelong learning
  • Employment and social security
  • Essential and life skills
  • Pay, progression and job security
  • Apprenticeships and technical education
  • Social justice and inclusion


Learning and Work Institute calls on policymakers to ensure sufficient investment to underpin a broad-based and strategic adult learning offer that joins up with other policy agendas (e.g. employment, health) and supports adults at all ages and stages of life to learn and progress.