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Developments: Slovenia had a key role in the adoption of the new European Agenda for Adult Learning

According to the Slovenian Institute for Adult Education (SIAE), the situation of adult learning and education in Slovenia has slightly improved in comparison to last year. 

In Slovenia, major European Social Fund (ESF) projects on ALE guidance, key competences and professionalisation of ALE staff are coming to an end, both at national and local levels. New projects have not started yet, leaving a gap in development work, and staff, well-trained over the past six years, have lost their jobs. 

Apart from this, the ALE situation is relatively stable. Training programmes and events are conducted in person again after the two-year covid period.

In 2022, the Adult Education Master Plan (AEMP), for the period 2022–2030, has been adopted.

Participation in policymaking

In 2021, SIAE co-organised and participated in the national and EU-level consultation process that led to the formulation and adoption of the new European Agenda for Adult Learning (NEAAL).

SIAE engaged in the following advocacy activities last year:

  • Adult Education Conference under the Slovenian Presidency “Adult Learning and Education - The resilient response to future challenges”
  • The Slovenian Lifelong Learning Week featuring the Learning Parade
  • Day of learning communities
  • Festival of the Third Age
  • EAAL Forums on the Future of Adult Education
In general, civil society is consulted in policymaking to some extent. 

Country reports of the European Commission

According to SIAE, the country reports of the European Commission reflect the situation of adult education and learning in Slovenia very well. Moreover, ALE programmes and projects in Slovenia aim to address issues indicated in the country reports and the country-specific recommendations.

Financing of adult education

The funding situation for adult education in Slovenia has stayed the same in comparison to last year. No systemic changes were introduced. Adult education is mainly financed through project funding, programme funding, operating grants, fees and employer contributions. 

Learners’ voice

In Slovenia, the legislation does not currently require the adult learner voice to be included in decision-making processes. The learners’ voice is made visible through communication activities. In the policymaking process, the voice of adult learning is represented by adult learning associations, based on their experience with the learning needs of their target groups.

New sustainability project in the education sector

SIAE is currently developing a strategy to promote sustainability in its learning programmes. Within their organisation, SIAE has started developing and improving the digitalization of their work organisation and administration systems. Moreover, the meeting and seminar room will be upgraded with new technological and didactic equipment for the needs of distance and hybrid education.

There are also plans to develop a sustainability strategy for the ALE sector in Slovenia.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Space and the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, the national project Climate goals and content in education is being carried out in Slovenia. All national government educational institutions are participating as partners in the project. 

The project has the following goals and purposes:

  • Analysis of the situation in the field of sustainable development with an emphasis on climate change
  • Preparation of an integrated programme of awareness, education and training on climate change in the context of education and training for sustainable development
  • Additional training for teachers in the field of climate change and sustainable development
  • Preparation of appropriate and updated teaching materials and didactic tools.


SIAE was involved in the preparatory process of CONFINTEA VII and there has been a consultation on CONFINTEA VII between the national UNESCO commission, the national ministries and civil society in Slovenia.

SIAE states that The Marrakech Framework for Action, which is the outcome document of CONFINTEA VII, is a concrete tool to develop ALE policies and strategies. Moreover, the Framework will be a guiding document for ALE in Slovenia over the next decade.