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Developments: Continuous cooperation with governmental authorities

According to the Norwegian association for adult learning (NAAL), the situation of adult learning (ALE) has slightly improved since last year. Overall, the Norwegian government shows more dedication to ALE. However, limited progress has been made in some county governments, which is influenced mainly by the re-organisation of some entities. 

The importance of digitalisation of adult education courses seems to be better recognized. Additionally, NAAL has signed an agreement for broader and more innovative cooperation in the field of adult education. 

NAAL is in continuous and close contact with authorities at all national levels, contributing to decision-making processes and acting as an advisory body. Last year, the NAAL was asked to sign a letter of intent with national working life and university-level education organisations to improve adult learning and collaboration between formal and non-formal education sectors.

Financing of adult education

There have not been any changes in the financing of ALE. It is mainly financed through program funding. The funding has slightly improved in comparison to last year. 

Learners’ voice

In Norway, the learners’ voice is represented in policymaking by adult learning associations, based on their experience with the learning needs of their target groups. According to the law, adult learners must be involved in all decision-making processes in ALE.


According to the NAAL, there are still opportunities for further implementation of sustainable development goals in the ALE sector in general. However, the NAAL does have its own strategy to promote sustainable goals in its work, and learning about sustainability is part of its learning programmes.


NAAL did not actively seek to become involved in CONFINTEA VII and the process leading up to the conference. However, NAAL considers CONFINTEA an important process from a civil society perspective, and it’s not sufficiently taken into account in national ALE policymaking.