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Recent developments in Portugal

The Portuguese government, in collaboration with the European Commission, as well as Agência Nacional para a Qualificação e o Ensino Profissional, I.P., and EAEA, have developed the new National Plan on Adult Literacy. The Plan aims to address the issue of high illiteracy in the country, where over half of the adult population has not attained upper-secondary level of education. The Plan suggests a series of strategies that would support the distribution of adult education ideas; provide guidance for adult education providers on how to work with adult learners in order to motivate and encourage them to participate in education; set action points to ensure sustainable and effective development of adult education.

At the moment, a lot of innovative initiatives in education are fostered by established in 2017 public policy INCoDe.2030, whose objective is to promote and enhance digital competences. The initiative calls for stronger presence of technologies in education and the workplace, however the primary zone of presence of the initiative is formal education.