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Developments: Vocational education is seen as a priority

EAEA members give a varied response to the situation of adult learning and education (ALE) in Greece. Where Odyssea states that it has slightly improved, the Hellenic Adult Education Association (HAEA) argues that it has slightly deteriorated. 

According to HAEA, the situation has slightly worsened because the Greek government decided to focus only on vocational training and indirectly closed all municipal lifelong learning centres by cutting off funding. 

However, the activation of the Recovery and Resilience Fund is seen as a positive development. Also, a new law has been passed that regulates continuing vocational training. 

Both EAEA members state that civil society is rarely consulted in policymaking. 

Country reports of the European Commission

Greek EAEA members think that the country reports of the European Commission reflect the situation in Greece to some extent. 

HAEA argues that the country reports and country-specific recommendations focus too much on the development of the vocational education and training sector due to Greece's poor financial performance. Vocational education is seen as a measure to fight unemployment and increase productivity. The recommendations do not address citizenship education. 

Financing of adult education

In Greece, adult education is mainly financed through project funding, programme funding, fees, employer contribution and vouchers. According to Odyssea, the funding situation of adult education in Greece has slightly improved in comparison to last year due to the activation of the Recovery and Resilience Fund. According to HAEA, it has stayed the same. 

Learners’ voice

Adult learners in Greece currently do not have any representing body or a possibility to have a voice in national adult education policymaking. Moreover, the legislation does not currently require adult learners’ voices to be included in decision-making processes.


HAEA was interested in participating in CONFINTEA VII, but it was not possible to reach the relevant stakeholders. Odyssea was not actively trying to get involved.  

According to EAEA members, the outcome document of CONFINTEA VII (MFA, the Marrakech Framework for Action) will not be a key guiding document for ALE in Greece. HAEA argues that the implementation of MFA in Greece would require reforms at all levels and a significant increase in resources for ALE. Currently, it is not taken into account in policymaking. 


Odyssea is currently developing a strategy to promote sustainability in its work procedures. For HAEA, sustainability does not play a significant role in their work procedures.

According to HAEA, the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals varies in the ALE sector. Odyssea argues that The Sustainable Development Goals have not yet been implemented in the sector.