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Challenges: Fragmented educational policies

According to the received responses, he biggest challenge for adult learning and education in Greece is its subjugated position compared to vocational training. Other challenges are low levels of participation, lack of systematic and long-term strategy and fragmented educational policies.

EAEA’s members will advocate for a new National Strategic Plan for Adult Education. According to HAEA. The plan should have a holistic character and should consider adult education as a means for both economic development and social cohesion as well as for personal fulfillment and the development of active citizens. They would like to see an accountable plan with a specific budget and measurable goals.

To increase the participation in adult education activities, HAEA proposes a plan for incentives - establishment of individual learning accounts in conjunction with other measures (e.g., paid educational leaves, soft loans, etc.) which may foster participation especially in the field of ongoing vocational training and specifically among low-skilled adults.

Dafni Kek calls for the Greek government to utilise the adult education sector to facilitate change and reforms through international cooperation. In 2022, Dafni Kek focuses on establishing safe spaces for learning, battling discrimination against persons with disabilities and enforcing local and international cooperation towards a more holistic view around adult education.