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Developments: The negative effects of the pandemic still apply

According to the Swiss Federation for Adult Learning (SVEB), the situation of adult learning and education in Switzerland has slightly improved in comparison to last year. The Covid-19 pandemic brought some challenges but the situation is slowly and gradually improving. 

In Switzerland, civil society has an active role in policymaking. As an umbrella organisation, SVEB is regularly consulted on national and regional decision-making processes. Moreover, SVEB has a strategic focus on - and plays an active role in - campaigning and advocating for ALE in Switzerland.

SVEB has a strategy that sets the path for the next three years. Their work is mainly determined by the objectives mentioned in this strategy. Adult education in small and medium sized enterprises has been one of SVEB's main themes this year.

Financing of adult education

The funding situation of adult education in Switzerland has stayed the same in comparison to last year. Adult education is mainly financed through project funding, programme funding, fees, employer contribution and vouchers. 


According to SVEB, the Sustainable Development Goals have been fully integrated into and implemented in the ALE sector. SVEB has a manual for working sustainably and some partner organisations have their own guidelines on sustainability. In cooperating with such organisations, SVEB also commits to their guidelines. 

Currently, SVEB is not offering learning programmes on sustainability. However, they do offer the possibility to train trainers with climate competences through international mobilities. Furthermore, there are several member organisations who offer learning programmes in the field of sustainability. 

In Switzerland, the Social Development Goals (SDGs) are implemented on a governmental level with an agenda until 2030. This strategy is further considered for national and regional strategies on ALE in Switzerland. 


SVEB was present at CONFINTEA VII conference in Marrakech as part of the Swiss national delegation. SVEB sees CONFINTEA as an important process from a civil society perspective, but it is not sufficiently taken into account in national policy making in ALE. 

According to SVEB, there should be more or new instruments to hold policymakers accountable on their promises in the Marrakech Framework for Action. 

Policy recommendation

During the Covid-19 pandemic the participation rate has fallen dramatically in Switzerland. Moreover, since the pandemic, the gap between well- and less-qualified learners has widened, resulting in less-qualified learners dropping out of adult education.

Therefore, the SVEB wants their government to take further action in this area and empower and encourage low-skilled adults.