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Challenges: Closure of the department of lifelong learning

The lack of terminology and recognition of adult education limits financing opportunities and the validation of learning. On the European level, Slovakia commits itself to adult education policies, but on a national level the term "vzdelávanie dospelých" (adult education) is not used in legislation. The ministry is called “ministry of schooling”, not “ministry of education”.

This example shows the contradictory nature of Slovakian adult learning and education policies. The lack of vocabulary makes it cumbersome to implement educational policies. Not having the necessary collection of data makes it difficult to report or set strategies for adult education.

The European “adult learning and education” brand could be helpful to communicate the importance to Slovak citizens. Defining adult education in legislation would open new pathways of recognition. In 2020 the ministry of schooling closed the Department of Lifelong learning and assigned the area to the Section of Secondary Schools and Lifelong Learning. AIVD fears, alongside other civil society actors, that without a dedicated department to adult education strategies and policies will not be implemented.