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Challenges: Popularisation of adult education as an ongoing challenge

The main challenge for the upcoming year is enhancing the popularity of adult education in smaller towns and villages, as it continues to be seen as an extension of school education. The Polish society still has a rather narrow picture of adult education. This results in a lack of motivation to engage in adult learning, especially for adults with low competences. Therefore, it remains an ongoing challenge to further encourage and involve new people in adult learning and education.

The effects of the pandemic in Poland

COVID-19 significantly affected the adult education sector in Poland. Stowarzyszenie, however, was only slightly affected. They had to switch to remote work and projects with physical workshops were affected. In the trainer school classes were postponed because many participants insisted on physical workshops, instead of moving them online. The transition to remote work was difficult and involved postponed or cancelled activities for Erasmus+ projects. However, the organisation realized that many members actually value online training as they are easier to organise and allow for wider participation. In May 2020 Stowarzyszenie organized a virtual training festival, in which over 150 participants joined.

In the next year Stowarzyszenie seeks to get more involved in themes covering the climate and environment. They will continue to work on their international project, which seeks to provide educational activities for educators, trainers and participants.