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Links to EU and international policy in Lithuania

The strategies, developed by Lithuanian state, reflect the general stream of policies in education in the EU and the world. As mentioned in the previous section, Lithuania is focusing on promoting lifelong learning, and thus it established several goals for the education sector:

1.To ensure accessibility of different-level education;

2. To create a continuously learning society and to provide life-long learning opportunities to persons wishing to change or improve their qualifications (there are re-qualification programmes for different specialists as well as various projects funded by the EU);

3. To promote innovation on all levels of education;

4. To ensure systematic development of science and technologies that would allow building an information-society;

5. To implement the action plan for the Strategy for Education for Sustainable Development of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) in addition to the Strategy’s Vilnius Framework (CEP/AC. 13/2005/3/Rev.1);

6. To carry out inter-branch and interdisciplinary research covering social and natural sciences, to stimulate their interaction with the policy-making process, and to make sure the decision-making is based on research findings and on the integration of economic, social and environmental objectives and tasks;

7. To increase the efficiency and international competitiveness of research and to slow down the “brain drain”.