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Challenges: Crisis management and digital transformation

The adult learning sector in Cyprus has been significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the work of EAEA's member the Centre for Competence Development Cyprus (COMCY) has been only slightly affected. The pandemic has led to a postponement of organisational activities, such as training, events and project meetings. The main challenge for the upcoming year will be crisis management of the pandemic and in response fostering the digital skills of the Cypriot population.

A special focus will be on the digital transformation among older learners. COMCY seeks to support the development of skills for people who dropped out of the labor market, educating them to become as self-sustainable as possible and further develop the know-how they acquired in their previous work. Issuing a recommendation to the Cypriot government, COMCY asks them to be in more active consultation with adult training providers. Cyprus needs more tailored motivation schemes and programs to support adults to remain in the labour market or to be (re)integrated into the labor market.