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Links to EU and international policy in Croatia

Recent policies on education are largely based on the Sustainable Development Goals and the Upskilling Pathways initiative. As was mentioned before, the government is focusing on strengthening the provision of basic skills. In addition to that the Strategy on Education, Science, and Technology, adopted in 2014, sets several goals related to adult education:

Goal 1: Provide preconditions for increasing adult involvement into lifelong learning and education processes;

Goal 2: Improve and expand learning, education, training and refining skills;

Goal 3: Establish a quality assurance system in adult education;

Goal 4: Improve organisation, funding and the management processes of adult education.

The EAEA member, Institute for Development of Lifelong Learning (PAR), is working on promoting SDG by organising events, promoting lifelong learning, and promoting learning for entrepreneurship. Among the organization’s activities are: PAR International Leadership Conference in Opatija, Entrepreneurial Camp (for start-ups and young entrepreneurs) and "Women with no excuses" in Rijeka.