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Recent developments in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is experiencing numerous positive changes in the field of adult education. Awareness of the importance of education for adults has been growing in the country in recent years, leading to new laws and regulations being adopted in different regions. Brčko district finally adopted a new law on adult education in October 2018. In other cantons, such as Sarajevo, Zeničko-Dobojski and Unsko-sanski, a new professional training curriculum was implemented, focusing on the principles of andragogy. The new curriculum is designed to strengthen the capacity of adult educators to work in the field with up-to-date technologies and methods. Goražde canton has just started developing a new curriculum as well.

EAEA members in the country continue working with vulnerable adults and minorities, pushing for stronger education provision in the whole country, effective training programmes for adult education professionals, as well as for the recognition of non-formal education by society as a whole.