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Challenges and future plans: Project learning for younger adults

In Slovenia, the digital gap has increased during the Covid-19 pandemic. Adult education providers have lost groups of learners, especially those with low digital skills. Nevertheless, more people now have a good command of digital technologies and can access digital learning activities. Hybrid learning provision has become more common. However, funding for adult learning was not increased to mitigate the effects of the pandemic.

In general, SIAE states that the ALE situation is relatively stable, training programmes and events are conducted in person again after the two-year covid period.

Future plans of SIAE

In the programme called “Project learning for younger adults”, SIAE is planning basic and additional training of mentors. In these programmes, the emphasis will be on transformative learning, project work, self-evaluation, upgrading of basic competencies and skills and collaborative learning. 

Additionally, SIAE will continue to work in the field of developing basic competences and skills of adults. They will develop a new financial literacy programme for adults, knowledge and skill standards, descriptors of individual levels and relevant teaching materials. 

Vulnerable adults remain the focus of SIAE’s professional research and development work. Furthermore, SIAE hopes that the new batch of the European Social Fund will be effective both at national and local levels.

Adult education programmes should be included in the law

In January 2018, the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia adopted a new Adult Education Act. This established and systematically regulated public service in the field of adult education. The public service includes guidance and informing adults in the form of comprehensive support activity.

However, the public service does not include educational programmes for adults, except for the primary school programme for adults. Therefore, as a national institution for adult education, SIAE recommends the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports propose and carry out an amendment to the Act on Adult Education. All public valid educational programmes for adults should be implemented in law and in public service.