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Developments: ALE has no priority in pandemic times

According to the EAEA member, Centro Internazionale per la Promozione dell'Educazione e lo Sviluppo (CEIPES) which works to provide education and training for youth and adults, the adult learning and education situation in Italy has not changed during 2021.

The Italian government has introduced Provincial Centers For Adult Education (CPIA) - an ongoing initiative that is structured as an autonomous educational institution. The CPIAs are divided into “territorial service networks” structured on three levels: Administrative unit, Didactic-teaching unit, and Training unit.

A complicated COVID-19 period in Italy rendered policymakers shift their attention and resources to other problematic sectors. Due to this, ALE was not considered as a top priority, thus no new policies and/or strategies were introduced in 2020/21. There have been no major funding changes in Italy in the last few years either. Civil society remains rarely consulted in the design and implementation processes of ALE policies in the country.

Sustainability and new methodologies in focus

CEIPES views social and environmental sustainability as an integral part of their organisation and environmental sustainability will be one of their key areas of work in the next year.

Additionally, they will also focus on new learning methodologies for adults and young people, to improve their professional and personal life. Securing funding from the government for new learning methodologies is a top priority to continue with their priority areas, such as inclusion and social innovation, using sport, STEM tools, and non-formal education.

CEIPES is taking part in the CONFINTEA process and the representatives of the organisation will join the Italian delegation.