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Links to EU and international policy Poland

Although our member stated that, in Poland, the Upskilling Pathways initiative is not well implemented, it is assumed that in the project "CHANCE - New opportunities for adults" (2018-2021), there is practice of EU’s Upskilling Pathways. Its results and final recommendations will be used to coordinate national activities, to develop national strategies and innovative models, whose purpose is to improve adults’ basic skills, so to provide new opportunities for all. The project is conducted by The Foundation for System Development in partnership with the Educational Research Institute.

New funding streams were obtained thanks to projects and activities realised at a European level. In addition to this, our member organisation led and partnered several Erasmus+ proposals. In accordance with this, financial support in education activities has increased, and so more training for educators can be provided. Finally, through Erasmus+ project, “Education by the way”, educators can improve their contents skills to advance and achieve significant results while working in adult learning sector.