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Developments: New skills strategy

The situation of Adult Learning and Education in Poland has stayed the same over the last year. There have been some new policies and strategies. The Integrated Skills Strategy 2030 was approved by the council of Ministers in February 2019 and opened up for public consultation for experts and organisations in July 2020. EAEA’s member Stowarzyszenie had a chance to contribute to the consultation. In the past year, more funds were allocated to groups that promote and provide adult education.

Low visibility of adult education

Although the additional financial support has enhanced possibilities, the visibility of adult education remains low. In the past year Stowarzyszenie has received several European grants. In 2020 Stowarzyszenie launched the PROO program that will allow the organisation to develop their educational offer, create new training courses for professional trainers and start educational activities outside the country. In September 2020 they will continue a project that aims at supporting the social economy.

The organisation didn’t have to terminate any agreements and even received several grants during the pandemic. In the past year Stowarzyszenie engaged in many activities. They decided to dedicate the profit from 2019 to an internal project for an educational resource base online.

Civil society is only included in policy making to a certain extent in Poland. Stowarzyszenie is not aware of a consultation on the implementation of the European Pillar of Social rights. In the past year there were some policies on Upskilling Pathways in place. However, Stowarzyszenie is not aware of the implementation of any policies that promote the Sustainable Development Goals. The report of the European Semester partially responds to the experience of EAEA’s member.