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Developments: New four-year plan for adult education

The situation of adult education in Montenegro has slightly improved in the last year, as the government adopted the new four year National Plan for Adult Education (2019/2022). The plan draws on a range of recommendations from European policies, including Upskilling Pathways, the renewed Agenda for Adult Learning, the Strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training (ET 2020).

The European Pillar of Social Rights (EPSR) has been implemented in some areas and also informed the adult education plan. Civil society is included to a certain extent in policy making. EAEA’s member, the Center for Vocational Education and Training was part of the consultation process for the EPSR and believes that it can play an important role in promoting new national and regional policies pushing the European ideals.

In the last year the Centre for Vocational Education and Training was able to improve their regional and cross-sectoral cooperation in the adult education area. Funding was slightly increased and enabled the organisation to improve their promotion work, which attracted more learners. Furthermore, they were involved in the preparation of several important documents, including training material and quality standards for trainers and a manual that enables providers to self-evaluate their work. The Ministry of Education is running a national project for the implementation of the European Agenda of Adult Learning. Organisations hope that this collaboration and the EPALE opportunities will enhance the funding opportunities of the organisation.