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Challenges: Lack of digital skills and funding

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly affected the adult education sector in Moldova. The crisis further showcased the lack of adequate policy in adult education and insufficient funding of the sector. During the pandemic, many programs were moved to operate online. However, not all programs were able to move online because of a general lack of ICT skills and trainers. Providing ICT skills to all is one of the main challenges in Moldova, otherwise the country is left behind in the digital transformation.

Further challenges in the adult education sector are fostering vocational education and training and the implementation of more sustainable practices. In the next year Pro Didacta will develop and implement the National Strategy for Adult Education and further push for regulation and implementation of the existing policies. According to civil society, the government should further cooperate with stakeholders in decision making for adult education, improve the funding situation and enhance their commitment to educating adults across the country.