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Developments: New Strategy for Education 2030

According to EAEA’s member, Educational Centre Pro Didactica, the situation of adult learning and education (ALE) in Moldova has stayed the same in comparison to last year. 

Also the funding situation of adult education has stayed the same in comparison to last year. Adult education is mainly financed through project funding. 

In Moldova, there is no specific policy dedicated to ALE, and ALE usually only includes professional development in-service training.

A new Strategy for Education 2030 is currently in the process of development by the government. The component related to adult education is included in the strategy, and representatives of Pro Dictacta have participated in the consultation process. 

If Pro Dictacta could make one recommendation to the Moldovan government, it would be to develop a clear adult education policy framework.  


Civil society in Moldova was not actively trying to get involved in the UNESCO’s Global Adult Education Conference CONFINTEA VII and the process leading up to the conference. 

However, Pro Didactica considers the outcome of the conference, Marrakech Framework for Action, as an important document from a civil society perspective.


According to Pro Didactica, the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) varies in Moldova. Some of them have been partially implemented, while others aren’t implemented. 

EAEA’s member would like to develop a strategy to promote sustainability in their work procedures. Moreover, they are currently working on a strategy to promote sustainability in their learning programmes. Transformative learning and school teachers has been the focus of Pro Didactica’s work in 2022.