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Challenges: Stabilising local providers under the pandemic

One of the main challenges for adult education in Lichtenstein will be carrying the consequences of the global COVID-19 pandemic. The adult education sector in Liechtenstein has been significantly affected by the coronavirus. The foundation itself was only slightly affected. Nevertheless, Stiftung für Erwachsenenbildung can no longer meet its goals to stabilise support for the local providers of adult education and to enhance the demand for adult education in the country.

Push for the continuation of the voucher system

With the economic decline caused by the pandemic, many companies and education providers had to cancel their training. Adults can no longer afford training and have other priorities as large parts of the population had to adjust to short-time work and lower income schemes.

The planned voucher system has also been affected by the pandemic. The demand of vouchers has decreased based on the closing of the majority of adult learning institutions across the country. For the upcoming year, the foundation seeks to improve the voucher system to enhance the outreach, recruitment and guidance of new learners, incentivised through the voucher system.

Addressing policy makers and the government, the foundation proposes to invest more money and capacity in individual subsidisation and outreach and guidance for new learners. The foundation pushes for continuation of the voucher system and shows how it had a positive effect on the participation of the less fortunate parts of the population. It urges the government to centre efforts on the needs and interests of adult learners.