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Developments: New voucher system and an increase in funding

In Liechtenstein, the situation of adult education has slightly improved in 2019/2020.

The foundation (Stiftung für Erwachsenenbildung) implemented a voucher system which gives access to adult education across the country. Adults under a certain income can apply for a voucher (CHF 500) that is valid for a year and enables them to partake in adult education courses throughout the country. The foundation hopes that the voucher system will be implemented on a permanent basis, receiving more continuous support from the ministry and the parliament. The funding situation of adult education has slightly improved in Lichtenstein because the government raised the funding by 3% to test the voucher system.

The foundation is not aware of a consultation of the European Pillar of Social Rights, nor of the implementation in society. According to EAEA’s member, there are no new strategies for Sustainable Development Goals implementation.