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Recent developments in Greece

The past couple of years have been rather challenging for the Greek educational sector due to lack of well-organized state strategies. For more than two years there was no appointed Secretary General for Lifelong Learning. Furthermore, in the past year the situation slightly deteriorated as a result of the change in the government: the newly elected conservative government decided to rename the Secretariat for Lifelong Learning to General Secretariat for Vocational Training and Lifelong Learning. The seemingly small change could make general adult education less of a priority, shifting focus to vocational training, but the results are yet to have been observed. 

Even though there have not been any major government initiatives in the past year, our Greek EAEA members anticipate some positive changes: in the near future it is expected that the Municipal Lifelong Learning Centres will be re-opened. Another achievement is the launch of the Greek EPALE platform in March 2019. The platform is expected to support professional development of adult educators.