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Links to EU and international policy in Greece

The Greek government made a commitment to the implementation of the goal 4 of the SDGs by setting the “promotion of high quality, inclusive education” as a priority in the educational field. Therefore, the EAEA members in the country are working on creating affordable and accessible learning opportunities for a range of different groups of adults, especially concerning vital life skills, such as critical and creative thinking. The state agenda and local educational organisations focus on work with migrants and people outside of education, training and employment (NEETs).

A lot of initiatives in the field of education are supported by the Erasmus+ programme, which gives organisations a source of funding autonomy, but also makes projects aligned with the European Agenda for Adult Learning. In particular, EAEA member, Vocational Training Centre DAFNI KEK in collaboration with an NGO Cyclisis is working in promoting Education for All. Their work focuses on special needs education within the sphere of adult learning.

Another initiative, proposed by DAFNI KEK, is Learning for Life, its goal is to increase motivation and encourage vulnerable social groups, such as the Roma and migrant population, to participate in learning. The initiative offers ‘One Stop Shops’ with educational opportunities designed to reach the underrepresented groups of adult learners. Every adult educator can participate and everyone is invited to take part as facilitator of the initiative through basic volunteering.

Another topic on the state agenda is the validation of non-formal learning and quality education in VET. EAEA members in the country are also working on promoting ICT-based learning and strengthening the capacities of adult educators.