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Links to EU and international policy in Germany

In Germany the economic support for projects and initiatives in adult education is still well guaranteed, which allows both state and non-governmental organizations to concentrate on their future priorities. Germany’s focus is now education for sustainable development, digitalisation, and social cohesion in both Germany and Europe. Even though the “Upskilling Pathways” initiative is not evident in national or local strategies, basic and civic skills are high up on the agenda of local organizations. For instance, EAEA member, German Adult Education Association (DVV), is encouraging its members to work with basic skills and literacy projects. The funding for “Global Learning” project is allocated to DVV’s members, community-based adult centres, to work on high-quality education provision and supply accessible educational offers for learners.     

Furthermore, DVV is a member of the National Platform on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), hosted by the Ministry of Education. Within the National Action Plan, DVV made a commitment to support German Adult Education Centres (VHS) in implementing ESD in their organisations. The association is currently working on promoting the adaptation of the "whole institution approach" for VHS in implementing ESD. In addition to that, DVV’s biennial national conference in 2020 on active citizenship education will focus on ESD.

The Sustainable Development Goals are also tackled through the prioritisation of digitalisation in Germany. DVV along with its members has an agenda to upgrade institutional digital skills, as well as offer digital solutions to adult learners.